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What you can do

BEMServer is targeting 3 types of actors :

End users

End Users IllustrationYou are facility managers, building owners, energy managers, Energy efficiency consultants, or ESCos à you are direct end-users of the BEMServer solution. Install BEMServer to gather all your data in one central solution: BMS data, weather, occupants’ feedbacks, building descriptive data, contextual data). Choose the right module that fits to your need to assist you in your daily job.

You are a system/BMS integrator and your clients ask for services? Install BEMServer on top of your system, and take benefit from the already existing services, or ask the company of your choice to develop the service your clients ask for.

Module developers

Module developers illustrationYou are services developers for building energy management: become contributors to the modules store. BEMServer enables you to save time, focus on your modules development and access building data in a more easily way without dealing with data collection, data identification and data pre-processing. So, forget about issues collecting on-site data and focus on bringing added-value to your clients. Use meaningful data and do not waste time wondering what are the data you are handling, thanks to our data model based on the well-consolidated IFC and Haystack standards. You only need to connect to our fully-documented REST APIs in a fully web-standard way.


Contributors illustrationYou are asked to develop a platform to collect data in a building? Test our solution, be part of a community, get answers to your questions and develop core functionalities that answer your own needs: join the community of developers and impulse Open source towards the building community.

How does it work


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