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The EU-funded HIT2GAP project gathers 22 partners with the aim to elaborate and develop new methods and tools for the better assessment of energy use within a building or a block of buildings in order to minimise the gap between predicted and measured energy consumption. To achieve this goal, HIT2GAP has delivered BEMServer, an open approach for A NEW GENERATION OF BMS SOLUTIONS augmented with analytics tools and modular services using a win-win strategy (between service providers, BMS manufacturers and cutting-edge SMEs).

The « energy performance gap » between the design and operation of a building is well documented and common errors across the four phases of construction (design, construction, commissioning and operational phases) can lead to a performance gap that ranges between 150-250% of the original design specification. Systematically addressing these errors and thus reducing the gap between design and performance is the main objective of the HIT2GAP project focusing on the exploitation phase.

HIT2GAP, which is a four-year project which began in September 2015, aims at linking enabling technologies and approaches used in the commissioning and operation phases of construction to improve the comparative predictions of the models and simulations that drive design and the actual performance of new and retrofitted buildings.

The approach taken in HIT2GAP is to build an open, plug-and-play, application-based platform. This approach is seen as the effective strategy to cover user requirements in buildings that by their nature (typology, climate, usage) are widely diverse. Furthermore, it allows the platform to evolve and remain up-to-date with new emerging technologies in order to better assess energy use within a building.

To evaluate and maximize the impact of the project, the solution developed in HIT2GAP is tested in four pilot sites and also challenges several business models and target different customer segments such as direct customers (BMS manufacturers, middleware developers and energy related tools providers) and indirect customers (buildings owners, facility managers, ESCos…).


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