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Host your own module on BEMServer. BEMServer is a robust platform that provides developers a solid foundation for their own tools. Using BEMServer to access building data may save you time. BEMServer facilitates your own developments and allows you to build stable and reliable applications.


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A core platform
that interacts
with modules
Stores building
related data
Makes data available
to modules through
a web API


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Data Storage

Data storage

The BEMServer core platform provides storage for different kinds of data
• Building data model
• Timeseries
• Events

The building data model includes the information about the buildings: geometry, subdivisions… and about the sensors and measures. When installing the platform, the data model should be filled with information relevant to the site.

The timeseries are data measured by the sensors or generated by the modules. The sensors typically send their measures as timeseries (for instance, temperature over time…). Some modules produce timeseries, either from an external source (weather data…) or using other timeseries as inputs (for instance consumption predictions…).

The events are punctual data. Modules may produce events such as alerts, error detections, etc.



BEMServer exposes this data through a REST API. This API provides the resources needed to create, read, update and delete information.
Once installed, BEMServer provides a web page exposing its API documentation.

API & Documentation



BEMServer is the central node of the system. The data is provided, processed and displayed by modules. Modules interact with the platform through the web API.

To develop a module, the first step is to install the platform on a test server. It is available at this url. The download and installation instructions are detailed in the README.

All modules already developed



Issues in the platform should be reported in the bugtracker. For other enquiries, please use the contact form below.

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