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BEMServer, a building energy management platform

BEMServer is an open source solution to deploy a modular, scalable and secure Building Energy Management System.

With the increasing amount of data to monitor buildings, it becomes crucial to offer tools that help managers in taking the best decisions to better control the energy of their buildings, and to involve all actors in reducing their environmental impact.

BEMServer was created to ease the deployment of these services, and to allow building managers to install applications that answer to their specific needs, instead of being confined to a monolithic, rigid solution.

Open source

With the power of open source, BEMServer goes even further: every software developer can contribute in augmenting the functionalities of the energy management solution, and make the overall community benefit from it.

The solution installed does not rely on a unique contracted company but can be maintained by any expert entity.

BEMServer empowers developers worldwide to join together in making buildings more efficient.

BEMServer is a solution for 3 kinds of stakeholders:
End-users, module developers and contributors.

End Users Illustration


For facility managers, building owners, energy managers, Energy efficiency consultants, or ESCos

BEMServer gives you the possibility to deploy the solution of your choice: pick up the applications according to your own needs, in a secure environment.

As an open source solution, BEMServer is freely available. You only pay for the installation, configuration and maintenance of the solution and for the modules you select to operate your building.

Your energy monitoring solution

Module developers

For data-based services providers

Explore how to use BEMServer to install your solution in a building. Your module becomes part of an ecosystem that benefits to your client, augmenting the power of your own service.

You can focus on what you do best: adding value to the collected data, and stop working on how to collect these data.

Your backbone solution

Module developers illustration
Contributors illustration


For open source community

You need a solution to collect data in a building? Take BEMServer as a starting point, develop the extra functionalities you need, and find experts to speak within the BEMServer community.

The place to join forces

Up to


With BEMServer?

Using the most advanced web technologies, your building data gain meaning to empower all building actors, from managers to occupants, with new services to optimize energy consumption.

BEMServer has an existing set of services via its modules and new modules can be developed by 3rd party developers anytime.


A new open source solution

BEMServer has been developed in the frame of the EU-funded HIT2GAP project.

What you can do with BEMServer


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